Our Difference

At Cactus Research, we believe quality work starts with happy, satisfied employees and ends with happy, satisfied clients. Learn how the Cactus Research work environment leads to exceptional work, delivered on-time, and on budget.

Why Choose Cactus Research?

With over 70 years collective experience, Cactus Research is a leader in its CATI consumer research services. Though other methods of data collection have leapt to the forefront in recent years, CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) remains an essential and effective tool in market research that provides our clients with exceptionally high quality data at greater speed.

Personalized, Attentive Client Support

As a small, family-run business, Cactus Research knows the key to loyal clients is courteous, individualized, and prompt attention. We are dedicated to delivering a quality product on time and on budget.

Survey Consulting

Along with our market research services, we can also assist with survey design and support to ensure you get the most valuable data and analysis possible.

Experience in a Diverse Range of Industries

Cactus research has experience in market research for the automotive, agricultural, biotech, finance, healthcare, retail, and construction industries, to name a few.

Experience, Knowledge, and Satisfaction

A Small, Family Run Business

Without the burden of a cumbersome corporate structure, both our employees and clients enjoy immediate access to senior leadership. We value every customer and every employee, and strive to keep them content.

Our Formula for Success

We are proud to have employee retention rates well above the industry average. Our recruiting and retention strategies allow us to source the best candidates for the position and keep them. With a more experienced team in place resources can be directed toward client focused initiatives such as maintaining a competitive pricing structure, data security and quality control.

Happy Employees Equal Happy Clients

Because we make our employees’ satisfaction a priority, we have less turnover. Experienced interviewers lead to higher quality results and better analysis for your business’ needs.

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Public opinion polling and data collection are crucial tools in today’s complex and highly competitive business environment. Gain the information you need to grow your business by requesting a quote today.

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